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17th Greater Houston Area Chinese Speech Contest

Language is the tool for communication with each other. The Greater Houston Area Chinese Speech Contest aims to enhance students’ interest in studying Chinese, improve Chinese verbal ability, and promote Sino-US cultural exchanges. Thanks to the utmost effort and support from all parents and Chinese schools involved, contest participants have continuously improved their speech ability in Chinese.
Our thanks will go to the education section of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, our sponsor Chinese Civic Center, and our facilitators Mandarin Immersion Magnet School, Hua Xia Chinese School, Houston Independent School District Confucius Institute, WanQing Yang, Ph.D. Education Foundation, and The Houston Chapter of China General Chamber of Commerce-USA, and US-CHINA CULTURAL & EDUCATION FOUNDATION.

Requirements and Rules:
All participants will use Mandarin Chinese in this contest.
Participants are divided into the following groups:
5—7 years old group 8—11 years old group
12—18 years old group Advanced Group: Students who have finished 4th grade in China
Non-Chinese into 3 Groups: Elementary Group
Middle-School /High-School group
Adult Group
Time: Sunday, Nov. 4th, 2018
1:30 PM—Sign In
2:00 PM—Contest Starts
Award Ceremony: 4:00 PM (on the same day, Nov. 4th, 2018)
Contest Location: Mandarin Immersion Magnet School
5445 W Alabama St. Houston, TX 77056
Registration period: From now until Oct. 28th
Registration through: Houston Area Chinese Schools, Chinese Instructors, or you may bring registration form and fee to: Chinese Civic Center
5905 Sovereign Dr. Houston, TX 77036
Contact: 713.772.1133 or 713.870.5288 Email: ghcspc@gmail.com
Registration Fee: $20.00 per person.
Time Limit: Speeches must not exceed 3 minutes (About 500 words)
Preschool Group will focus on storytelling (About 1-2 minutes)
Topics (suggestions): “Be a better self” Your past does not define you. Be confident, diligent, and hardworking; learn to discipline yourself, but don’t forget to cheer yourself up. Improvements are made up of small changes towards the good. When placing ourselves in order, we can then change the world.
“Artificial Intelligence” - In the summer of 1956, a few visionaries gathered together to study and explore simulated intelligence; coined the term “Artificial Intelligence”. Since then, scientists from all over the world have been pressing on to make “A.I.” a reality. Discuss what you know on the topic of “A.I.”
“No longer far away” - China is thousands of miles away. However, learning Chinese will instantly shorten the distance. China is no longer far away.
You may also create your own topic, make your message is clear and convincing.

We have assembled our judges from of language experts and artists. None of them teaches in any Chinese Schools to ensure no bias. Judges will grade on pronunciation, usage of words, clarity of main idea, expression and overall presentation (appropriate clothing, body language and effectiveness of speech). First, Second and Third place winners will receive trophies, certificates, and monetary rewards. Honorable mentions will receive trophies, certificates.
Please share this message with friends and invite them to join.

We appreciate all sorts of sponsorship from organizations, businesses, associations, and individuals.

这项比赛得到了中国驻休斯顿总领馆教育组的大力支持,由中国人活动中心主办。Mandarin Immersion magnet School、华夏中文学校、休斯顿独立学区孔子学院、杨万青博士教育基金、美国中国总商会休斯顿分会,美中文化教育基金协办。
这次比赛在休斯顿Mandarin Immersion magnet School举办。

比赛报到地址: Mandarin Immersion magnet School
5445 W Alabama St. Houston, TX 77056
演讲比赛报名:即日起至10月28日向各中文学校及学校中文老师报名,也可到中国人活动中心报名,地址:5905 Sovereign Dr. Houston, TX 77036。
咨询电话:713-772-1133,713-870-5288,或Email: ghcspc2922@163.com 。
演讲时间:每人3分钟,约500字。幼儿组以讲故事为主,1 - 2分钟。

《人工智能》。1956年夏季,一批有远见卓识的年轻科学家在一起聚会,共同研究和探讨用机器模拟智能的一系列有关问题,并首次提出了“人工智能” Artificial Intelligence这一术语,它标志着这门新兴学科的正式诞生。在62年的岁月中,无数科学家为这个目标努力着。谈谈你所知道的人工智能。


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